A Phrog Is Born!

Our Story

Cannabis Phrog was founded in September 2016, but our story really began back in 1998. This was the year my youngest son, Ben, was diagnosed with autism. Since then, we tried numerous medications, special diets, and many natural remedies with very little success.

In August 2016, I met the owners of a local company selling CBD tinctures. They told me about this amazing CBD tincture that could help with virtually any condition..... including autism.

I was skeptical but decided to try it anyway. I bought a full spectrum tincture for my son.

After seeing such marked improvement in his condition, I wanted to learn more about CBD oils and everything CBD related.

Spending many hours of research and talking with other CBD companies, I realized how hard it is to find good quality CBD products that are non-GMO, pesticide free, processed without harmful chemicals, and grown in the United States.

Cannabis Phrog was started with the goal of helping as many people as possible by offering the highest quality products made with pure hemp grown right here in Kentucky.